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One Tree At A Time – Our Commitment to The Pledge

We have joined forces with the amazing team at ‘One Tree At A Time’  to help businesses in the ski industry reduce their environmental impact.

One Tree At A Time have created a Pledge system whereby companies and individuals commit to changing the way that they operate and live, with a more sustainable future in mind.

There are three key areas of focus:

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

By analysing and understanding our carbon footprints we can find ways to cut our emissions. The pledge looks at food air miles, transport, renewable energy, wastage and recycling.

Plastic and Waste Reduction

The Pledge focuses on removing plastic from the day to day running of alpine businesses. Switch to non-plastic options, put pressure on suppliers to reduce their packaging and select brands that have less packaging.

Sustainability and Education

Plant a million trees to reduce CO2 and offset our emissions. One Tree at a Time has chosen two planting locations: the first in the French Rhône-Alpes with MyTree, and the second through Trees for the future, an organisation that plants trees for families in Africa.

Our Pledge – To receive the One Tree Gold Award

We are the first chalet company to take the pledge and want to lead the way in making a difference. We hope to set a tried and tested template for other chalet companies to follow to help reduce their own carbon footprint. We feel very passionate about this Pledge and planting more trees personally so it is time to lead by example.

We aim to Reduce, Educate and Plant

  • Reduce waste (by disclosing & measuring food waste).
  • Reduce our overall consumption & be more mindful of our individual consumption.
  • Monitor our energy use.
  • Source ingredients responsibly, locally and seasonally.
  • Cut out palm oil.
  • Encourage train travel.
  • Train & educate staff on the pledge & raise awareness of the pledge via guest & supplier communication.
  • Publicly inform the wider community about how we are progressing.
  • Encourage everyone to plant more trees & educate people as to why this is important.

Our Full Pledge