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We are on the hunt for our dream team for winter 22-23.

Recruitment is now open for our seasonal winter team for winter 2022-23.  If you are considering a winter season in one of the best (in our humble opinion!) resorts in the world and have experience in the hospitality sector as a chef, in management or front of house then we would love to hear from you.

We are currently accepting applicants with both UK and EU passports but for those applying from the UK any offers or applications will be conditional on obtaining the relevant work permits and visas – the sooner you apply the more likely that these permits will be granted.

If you are interested in working a ski season for a small, fun, environmentally conscious business please send your CV, menu plan (for chefs only) and covering letter to Clare at Before applying, we highly recommend that you give our blog a read about what makes a successful application and interview with us here.

Fish&Pips is a small and personable chalet company based exclusively in Meribel – part of the Three Valleys ski resort. We pride ourselves on our exceptional food, friendly, professional service and superb chalet locations.

Moving into our 16th winter we are looking ahead to next season and putting together a winning team once again for the 2022-2023 season. Our teams are hand-picked each year with all successful candidates demonstrating extensive experience in their various fields giving us the essential tools to deliver our fabulous holidays to Fish&Pips guests. Over fifteen years of experience has proved to us that teamwork is key to the success not only of Fish&Pips but also of your season. We are looking for a hard working team that work well together (both in the chalets and on the mountain) to maintain our high standards, with masses of enthusiasm for the job in hand, a love for the mountains, an eye for detail and a professional attitude. We value our staff hugely as we recognise that they are fundamental in ensuring all of our guests enjoy every aspect of their holiday. We are firm believers in looking after your staff and that a happy team makes for happy guests! We therefore think providing the following is essential: generous staff accommodation, a competitive package, more skiing time than most, giving our chefs free rein in the kitchen, amongst numerous other perks you get from working in a small team such as ours.

We work with Michelin starred chef Adam Byatt of Trinity in London who provides some wonderful training for the whole team and also many opportunities for further experience, and many of our team have gone on to work in the luxury villa, super yacht and private household industries.

We are continuing with our ambitious project to evaluate all aspects of our business with a view to minimising our impact on the environment and the natural world that forms our winter home.  We are looking to build a team who share this passion and who are keen to work with us to achieve our goals in this area as well.

We have even been featured in The Telegraph as a recommended company to work for, we’d love to hear from you! ‘Smaller, more bespoke companies offer a different, but equally attractive experience. Working for a more niche organisation, such as Le SkiFish & Pips or VIP Ski, can feel more personal – as if you’re a very important part of the company, rather than a cog in a much bigger machine.’ – Telegraph Ski and Snowboard, August 2017

Chalet Chef
Now recruiting for season 22.23
Chalet Host
Now recruiting for season 22.23
Now recruiting for season 22.23

Chefs – a quick note on menu plans: If you are interested in applying for a chef position please include a three day menu plan designed to the highest possible standard you feel you can create. Fish & Pips strive for some of the best food in the Alps so do bear this in mind when designing your menu. We have a generous budget in our chalets and we are looking for some interesting, creative, current menus to take our chalet holidays to the next level.

We would like to see the following courses included on your menu plan

· Breakfast special

· Afternoon tea

· Canapés x 2 · Starter

· Main course · Dessert

· Petit four

Any other courses thrown in are always a bonus too! We look forward to hearing from you!

Clare & Holly x   




"Having worked for other companies out in the alps, I have to say F&P are easily one of the best employers out there! They care about each employee and what they want to get out of their season too. You’re not just a staff member with F&P, you are part of a close team. F&P go above and beyond to make sure you get the very best out of the season in all aspects - not just in the chalet, but also on the slopes and in resort, with team days and nights out organised, and our very own festival at the end of the season, it’s clear to see why so many of us go back for another season with F&P!!"
- Carla Smith - Chalet Host 2018/19
"From a professional perspective, being a Fish&Pips chef for 3 winters was a major part of my development as a chef. In pre-season training I got to try out new menu ideas in various demos, I swapped ideas around with the other chefs and refined my cooking style, courtesy of demonstrations and informal menu discussions with Adam Byatt (google him) and some of his brigade which still influence my menus and methods today. Fish&Pips pushed me out of my comfort zone in a way previous jobs had not and helped me develop through each season into a chef comfortable on any section in any kitchen. Friends, relatives, and many guests, used to ask when are you going to get a real job?". Make no mistake, there is nothing 'not real' about this job. You'll work hard, but you will be supported where you need it, and you will gain so much more than if you take the easier option. From a non-work perspective Fish&Pips is a great company to be a part of. They want you to ski and have fun, and they will help where they can - from free rental ski equipment and a few starter lessons if you need them, to staff ski away days and picnics on the hill in the spring sun. Sometimes Holly will even shout you a Genepi after work! The friends you make in 5 months in France will feel as close as if you'd known them 5 years! Just don't make too many life plans for after your winter season, you might find you want to do another one."
- Duncan Smith - Meribel Chef, 2012 - 2015
"I was a part of Fish&Pips for 4 years, and very year it felt more and more like coming home. From waking up first thing in the morning in the mad house, ensuring everyone makes it up the hill to work on time to settling into your working day and trying to race everyone else to be the first out on the hill! No two days are ever the same, and every week of guests brings new faces into your chalet. New dinner chat, new laughs and new experiences. Meribel Village will always be my home I think. Having done 3 seasons before I found Fish&Pips I never thought I would end up staying in any resort as long as I have. I did two seasons running a chalet with my other half, and then another 2 as RM. Fish&Pips expect a lot of from you, they put their guests in your hands, their reputation and high standards are continually checked upon to ensure they are being maintained. But the rewards far out way any of the challenges, and it makes every day a little bit better than the last. Seasonal work is full on, but if it is so worth it. Having the opportunity to get up in the morning and look up a mountain of fresh snow, knowing you know where you can still find fresh lines, knowing you can walk into the little bar in village and there will be a handful of people that, although you may have only recently met, are your new family, and knowing that the more you put in the more you will get out! All of these are things you NEED to experience!

Although I no longer work for Fish&Pips, I still consider myself a part of the family and know there will always be a happy Fish&Pps face in the Lodge du Village to talk to when I make it to that end of the valley. The Three Valleys is my winter home now, and the 3V should be everyone’s winter home for at least one winter! Whether you’re fortunate enough to work for the Fish&Pips family is entirely up to you, but I suggest you take the chance and get ready for a full on winter of friends, new family, lots of skiing and more fun than you knew could be had in those temperatures!

Hope to see you there!"
- Nicky Clode - Resort Manager and Chalet Host, 2012 - 2016
Honestly it was an absolute pleasure to work for Fish&Pips. You all do such an amazing job juggling everything, I really don’t know how you do it! You are three incredibly inspiring women and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you.
- Jodie - Resort Assistant, 2017/18
I had an absolutely fantastic time working for you and I think the team as a whole was an exceptional group of people, which helped make the whole experience a hugely enjoyable one.
- Lauren - Chalet Host, 2017/18
"Choosing to work for Fish and Pips was one of the best choices I have ever made. Working for such a personable and successful company run by a small group of really quite inspiring women, was extremely rewarding. The job itself is very enjoyable, you meet lots of new people, and are able to develop skills in confidence, teamwork (and of course, skiing!). I can honestly say that Fish and Pips are the best company I have ever had the pleasure to work for; their dedication to ensuring staff are happy and well looked after goes hand in hand with a great work ethic and high morale for the entirety of the season. I will certainly be returning for another winter with Fish&Pips and cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for a new adventure, where you can work hard, play hard, and make some truly brilliant friends. They make Meribel feel like home."
- Tilly Thompson - Chalet Host, 2018/19
"This season with Fish&Piips I worked with the best team I’ve ever worked with in any of my seasons. Everyone worked so well together, willing to help each other out where needed and I know this was driven by Clare and Holly’s drive for teamwork. I’ve never felt more supported in a management role on seasons than my last one with fish and pips. It was hard work but well worth it when you work alongside such great people. I’ve always enjoyed working seasons for smaller companies, feeling more part of the ‘family’. The great thing I found about fish and pips was they were also so well organised, which made my job less stressful and more enjoyable along the way."
- Judy Smart - Assistant Resort Manager, 2018/19
"I have now completed two winters with Fish & Pips and I haven’t ruled out more in the future. Not just as an employee but as a proud chef I can safely say they do their best to help you deliver to the highest standard. Here you can be proud of the work you do. They provide a friendly work environment where there is still space for plenty of piste time. I have been a chef for over 15 years and having the freedom to create your own dishes and serve them under the Fish & Pips seal is very rewarding."
- Kim Munch - Chef, 2017-2019