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Travel by Train & Snow Carbon

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint when you travel is to head to resort by train vs plane or car. In short, taking the train creates far fewer carbon emissions and pollution.

Our friends at SnowCarbon have done a wonderful job at making travelling by train as simple and hassle free as possible. Their website is overflowing with information, journey planners, tips & advice on travelling to your favourite resort by train.

Other than being better for the environment there are plenty of other reasons why to travel by train:

  • Much more comfortable than the plane: more spacious seating, the chance to stretch your legs, enjoy the ever-changing views and spend quality time with friends or family while headed for the Alps, avoiding cramped flights and all the hassle of the airport terminals at both ends.
  • It is as fast as flying: One often assumes that flying is the quickest method but actually going by train is just as fast once you factor in the time it takes to get to the airport, time at the airport, the flight itself, waiting for baggage collection and the transfer the other end. The great thing about the train is that it has quality blocks of time that you can use, instead of moving from airport queue to airport queue to long transfer when you fly. Watch this short insiders view to train vs plane – race to the Alps (Eurostar + TGV vs Easyjet), you may even spot one of our chalets being featured: http://youtu.be/M5OG8qj79fo
  • Make the journey part of the holiday: travelling by train to the Alps is social, scenic and give you space. Instead of the transfer day being a chore, travelling by train is a fun, enjoyable experience – and part of the holiday itself.
  • More reliable and practical: Train travel is more reliable, punctual and practical than flying or driving, because trains are delayed less often and are less affected by snow or adverse weather conditions.
  • Tried, tested and loved: travelling by train to the Alps is already proven to be a great alternative to flying. Snowcarbon has a wealth of resources, experience and testimonials to make it easy for travellers to make the switch.

For more videos, testimonials, insider tips and guides head over to Snowcarbon’s site.

A lot of our guests are now travelling by train and absolutely love it! Give it a try you might too!

*Please note that Snowcarbon are a third party and we are not responsible for any bookings made with them.