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Speak to one of our travel specialists +44 (0) 1306 264005
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Sailing holidays

Your own floating paradise…

Imagine waking up in a secluded bay, the gentle sound of lapping sea being the only thing you can hear, and there’s not another soul to be seen. You’re on your own private floating haven in the glittering Mediterranean, with a skipper to sail you wherever you want and a host to cater for your every need. The day ahead might beckon a slow cruise to an uninhabited island or a few fast tacks to an empty sandy shore and a freshly prepared lunch. Whilst the water is calm, you may want a leisurely swim, or perhaps just stretch out on cushions on the wide teak deck. And when the breeze kicks in, have the sails hoisted and glide through the waves to the next deserted inlet.

We have chosen three of our favourite sailing destinations –  Greece, Croatia and Turkey to offer you unforgettable sailing experiences, where no sailing experience is required.