POW – Protect Our Winters

We are so pleased to have partnered up with UK Charity POW (Protect Our Winters).

POW is a charity that inspires and equips UK based outdoor communities to take positive action to address the climate crisis. They will be helping us ‘do our bit’.

Their mission is to change the narrative on climate change and to empower individuals to take simple yet rewarding actions towards a carbon neutral society.

Read below to find out how you can help them on their mission:

1. Make Changes

We can all make small changes to reduce our own carbon footprints. Follow the link to find out how you can become #WINTERwise.

2. Influence Others

We can’t change the world on our own, we need everyone to take action. Follow the link to find out  how to get your friends on board.

3. Be Sustainable

They are calling on all companies to commit to a low-carbon future. See below to find out what your company can do to reduce its carbon footprint.

4. Invest Responsibly

Do you know what happens to your savings or pension after you invest it? Tell your bank to invest in sustainable companies and avoid high carbon assets.