Our carbon offsetting scheme – offset your travel

We have teamed up with our partners One Tree At A Time to enable us and our guests to offset carbon emissions through tree planting

Our goal is to encourage people to change their habits in order to reduce their emissions. However, we understand there may be some goals that take time to implement or aren’t realistic for everyone immediately. For example whilst we would always recommend travelling by train, see here, working in the travel industry we know that it may not always be possible to avoid setting foot on an airplane.

With this in mind we have set out to offset our residual carbon emissions by contributing to One Tree At A Time’s tree planting programme. It is our goal to plant as many trees as possible and as a company we have committed to planting 10,000 trees this winter. Find out more about this tree planting initiative here.

Offset your own travel emissions

You can now offset your own travel emissions by donating with One Tree At A Time:

Plan Trees With Us Here

The figures below give an indication of the carbon generated per flight and how much it would cost to offset, due to the large amount of variables we cannot calculate exact emissions.

Each tree costs 0.10, so with a donation €9 you will plan 90 trees, 100% of your donation will be used to plant trees.

  • London Heathrow – Geneva economy flight, return trip: 0.24 tonnes of CO2 per passenger = Suggested donation: €9
  • Manchester – Geneva economy flight, return trip: 0.32 tonnes of CO2 per passenger = Suggested donation: €10
  • Edinburgh – Geneva economy flight, return trip: 0.39 tonnes of CO2 per passenger = Suggested donation: €12
  • New York JFK – Geneva economy flight, return trip: 2.0 tonnes of CO2 per passenger = Suggested donation: €48
  • Sydney LBH – Geneva economy flight, return trip: 6.0 tonnes of CO2 per passenger = Suggested donation: €143

Figures taken Dec 2019 from https://co2.myclimate.org