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A Land of Wonder, Charm and Unspoilt Beauty

On the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, The Sultanate of Oman is a land of rich heritage, welcoming people and extraordinary landscapes. The Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea hug its coastline, whilst ridges of mountains and vast desert dunes sweep the interior. Bedouin traditions still hold strong, and you’ll not find the glitz of the neighbouring emirates. Oman shows you a glimpse of the Arabia of old, with its colourful traditions and mystique, whilst still having a definite toehold in the modern world. Explore ancient Islamic hill top citadels, jostling souqs and grand mosques in Muscat one day, and the next, find yourself in one of the largest cave chambers in the world at Majlis Al Jinn, riding high on a camel through the desert or spotting oryx at at Wusta. Oman is a land of wonder, charm and unspoilt beauty, and really can be considered the jewel of the Middle East.

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Why Visit?

Climate – an arid desert, subtropical climate with a low rainfall. The best time to visit is between October and April, where day temperatures range from 20 to 35 degrees, and the nights are cool.

Beaches – for pristine and empty beaches, the Omani coastline is one of the best in the world. Some are only accessible by foot, others just by boat, with lagoons and spectacular dive sites up and down the coast.

Activities – exploring some of the incredible landscape should definitely be on your list – from mountain treks to desert tours, from soaking up the beauty of the ancient capital of Niswa to watching turtles hatch on moonlit beaches.

Cuisine – each region has its own specialities, but suffice to say, Omani cuisine is fragrant and subtle, full of Middle Eastern spices, and a lot of saffron. Skewered meat, marinated in yoghurt, and rice dishes are a staple, and sharing dishes are a cultural favourite. Indian, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine has also left an imprint.

Culture – Oman is an Islamic country, where traditions are strong and deep rooted, with its heritage based on seafaring and trading. Visitors are warmly welcomed, but you’ll need to abide by the customs of the land.

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