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The Retreat at Blue Lagoon – Iceland

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Hotel Type: An extremely luxurious thermal spa retreat.

Location: Just 30 minutes from the airport and 45 from Reykjavik, on the southwestern tip of Iceland – it’s the ideal location for the beginning or end of your Iceland adventure

Style: Sleek and minimalist luxury

Rooms: Spacious suites with stellar views and access to the lagoon.

Favourite Room: The Lagoon Suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and views out over the lagoon as well as private access to it, is simply stunning.

Ideal For: Enjoying the beneficial properties of geothermal seawater

Swimming: Takes on a new meaning here! Immerse yourself in the mineral-rich Retreat or Blue Lagoon healing geothermal lagoons.

Dining: Head to The Moss restaurant and gaze out at the majestic landscape whilst delighting in delicious, classic and local Icelandic cuisine. The Chef’s Table offers an unforgettable feast of a seven courses. Whilst The Lava Restaurant is the perfect sceneic spot for lunch, or for something lighter head to The Spa restaurant.

Children: Families are welcome – although this is one more for the grown ups. Children have to be over the age of 9 to stay in the ground level suites and be over the age of 12 to use the Retreat lagoon or the Retreat Spa. 

Activities: With access included to the Retreat Lagoon, Blue Lagoon and Retreat Spa, enjoying the geothermal waters is the most important thing to do during your stay here. However, there is also complementary yoga sessions each morning as well as guided hikes so you can explore the striking surroundings. Iceland is full of adventure so all sorts of activities can be organised for you from helicopter rides, visiting extinct volcanos, tours of the Golden Circle (a 300km route containing the country’s iconic natural wonders), ATV rides across the black sand beaches and discovering the country’s capital Reykjavik.

Spa: Carved into the volcanic earth, this is a spa experience like no other. The Lava Cove is a place to relax overlooking the lagoons blue waters next to a wood-burning fireplace or head to the terrace to view the mountains, sky and volcanic frontier of Blue Lagoon. In the spa there is also an in-water massage area; a Cold Well; a steam room within a chamber of lava rock; a sauna; a Lava Spring; treatment rooms offering an array of massage and beauty treatments; fitness centre; and a spa restaurant serving a healthy all-day menu.

Accessibility: All the common areas are wheelchair accessible and some of the Junior Suits are wheelchair-adapted too.

Low season Price From: £1,016 per night in one of the Junior Suites. Price includes breakfast, spa access, access to the Retreat Lagoon and the Blue Lagoon.

High Season Price From: £1,227 per night in one of the Junior Suites. Price includes breakfast, spa access, access to the Retreat Lagoon and the Blue Lagoon.

Open From: All  year round.


Amidst the ancient lava flows of South West Iceland, geology and architecture meet in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon. The low slung Retreat Hotel is carved into volcanic rock, looking out over a mossy and stark landscape. Inside, clean lines, walls of glass and fireplaces hewn from lava are punctuated by Italian furniture and unusual lighting. Your stay here includes access to the Blue Lagoon and your very own host is on hand to make sure everything is as smooth as can be. This is a Spa experience like no other. The healing properties of the geothermal seawater are legendary and when the conditions are right, you’re rewarded with a light show like no other – the Northern Lights. The Retreat is one of Iceland’s most luxurious hotels, and whether you’re here for a week, or just two or three days of restorative relaxation, you’ll leave with a sense of calm and wonder.


Spacious with lunar views, the Suites are strikingly minimalist, but exceptionally comfortable. Not to mention heated floors. Some are on the upper floor with a private balcony, whilst others have direct access to the lagoon. Moss green, lava grey and earthy brown interiors are a homage to the other wordly landscape visible through the floor to ceiling windows. Guests also have their own host who’ll book your treatments and tours and look after you throughout your entire stay. The Moss Suites have a separate living area with a view to the horizon and a freestanding bath in the bedroom. The larger Moss Junior Suites have equally beguiling views across the lave fields, and a balcony from which to soak it all up. On the lower level, the Lava View Junior Suites are carved into the earth, with ancient lava touchable from your terrace. Surrounded by the ethereal thermal waters, the Lagoon View Junior Suite has a private balcony and one of the most spectacular vistas from the bed that we’ve seen. And then there’s the Lagoon Suite, with its own private lagoon. This suite is a little sanctuary, where you can step straight into the waters and instantly experience their restorative powers.


The dramatic setting for Lava Restaurant, carved into volcanic rock and looking out over the lagoon, is the ideal place to sample the delicious and classic Icelandic cuisine that is served. At Moss Restaurant, traditional dishes are elevated to extraordinary heights, and its menu has gained a very well deserved reputation for innovative dishes, overseen by Icelandic born chef Angar Sverrisson, who has Michelin star pedigree. Ingredients are fresh and local, and seasonal, and we thoroughly recommend the tasting menus. We also rather like the Spa restaurant, where you can relax in your robe, with a light lunch, before or after a skin tingling treatment.


Children are welcome, although they have to be over the age of 9 to stay in the ground level suites. Children must also be over the age of 12 to use the Retreat lagoon or the Retreat Spa. The minimum age for the Blue Lagoon is two years. There is also a children’s menu.


You come to the Retreat for the wonders of the Blue Lagoon and its Spa. Underground and carved into the volcanic earth, with its mineral rich lagoon, it makes any other Spa forever feel a little mundane. Tectonic activity in the  depths of the earth drives the water up, enriching it with silica, algae and minerals on its journey. When it reaches the surface, it emerges at a very comfortable 38°C. A mask bar, a natural sauna and steam room, in water massage, in water bar and treatments with Blue Lagoon Skincare products, all add up to one of the most relaxing Spa experiences you’ll find. Each morning there are yoga sessions and every day, there’s a hike across the lava fields for the intrepid. Within a short distance of the Retreat, you’ll find many of Iceland’s geological wonders. Geysers, mud pools, extinct volcanoes and hot springs are all around and tours to all of them are easily organised. That is of course, if you really feel the need to leave the restorative waters of the lagoon!


Iceland’s sustainable approach to living is world-renowned, and certainly ingrained in Blue Lagoon’s DNA. The enduring principle when designing the architecture was ‘harmony, not contrast’, resulting in construction materials chosen for their durability, green product standards, and ability to merge with the environment. Geothermal energy is the sole source of all electricity, heating, and hot water, which includes an advanced LED system that mimics the human circadian rhythm. The volcanic landscape was also respected as much as possible during the construction. Many of the delicious ingredients are locally sourced, whilst the lagoon itself has been harnessed for research purposes, working towards a more sustainable future.

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