The Body Camp – Mallorca

Get fitter; feel younger; have fun and, most importantly, have some “you” time. After a week of holistic fitness and activities for body, mind and soul, in the quiet hills of Mallorca, you’ll return tanned, reinvigorated and energised. Body Camp puts fun into boot camp, where your mornings follow a strict regime and your afternoons can take a more relaxed approach. Freshly prepared, nutritious meals and protein snacks throughout, will not leave you hungry. And you won’t need to bring the chef back with you as you’ll learn how to prepare them all yourself. Puddings can be healthy! This is hardcore holidaying, where the odd hunger pang and muscle ache really is worth it. We’ve been here, and we came back different women!

The detail

  • Seven day holistic health and fitness programme in beautiful and private location
  • 14 en suite rooms
  • Bespoke regimes with team and individual sessions
  • Mountain and coastal hikes and cycling
  • Life coaching, dance, yoga and meditation
  • Delicious gluten and refined sugar free diet
  • Prices start from €950 for the week

Pricing & Availability

For the body camp pricing and availability please speak to Philippa or Gemma on the phone (01306 264 005), or via email (, or using our contact us page.