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Speak to one of our travel specialists +44 (0) 1306 264005
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Doing our bit

There is no time like the present…

We know that one of the reasons people travel is to experience nature at its best. Whether it be the breathtaking mountains, beautiful beaches or lush forest greens, the travel industry relies heavily on the natural environment. We also know that the travel industry (mostly due to excessive air travel)  has a large impact on the environment. 

Whilst we have always conscientiously recycled and sourced produce locally, we will now be launching a detailed strategy and environmental policy this summer as we believe there is always more that can be done to reduce our environmental impact. Watch this space! In the meantime read on below to see how Green Méribel is, what we are currently doing in our chalets and what our guests can do to be more environmentally conscious. 

Méribel is one of the ‘greenest resorts’ because..

  • It uses hydroelectric dams from the local area to power the lifts and cannons.
  • Pumps water from Ariondaz dam to create snow for the cannons.
  • Recycles the old chair lifts.
  • Uses solar energy to power resort radio communication.
  • Provides regular and free buses throughout the season to help reduce the amount of cars on the road.
  • It has an 80 year old building law protects the environment from new high rise buildings being built.

What we are currently doing in our chalets to be environmentally responsible…

  • We use as much local produce as possible & we shop locally – Seasonal veg, French wines & local meat.
  • We have banned products that do not use sustainable palm oil.
  • Where possible we buy in bulk to reduce packaging.
  • Phasing out plastic and this season introduced soda streams in all the chalets.
  • Recycle – including Nespresso pods.
  • Surplus clothing and food gets taken to Annecy refuge.
  • Reduce food waste as much as we can.
  • Use recycled paper, business cards and napkins.
  • Introduced online feedback form to reduce paper usage.
  • No newspapers unless requested.
  • Collaboration with ethical partners.
  • Cerf Rouge uses hot water from sustainable source.

What can our guests do to reduce their impact? 

  • Take the train or drive instead of flying – see here our page on travelling by train
  • Plant trees to offset your current carbon footprint with One Tree Planted
  • Remember to turn of lights and appliances when you’re not in the chalet.
  • Do not litter and use the recycling facilities in resort – you cant miss the big giant bins called Moloks.
  • Buy equipment from sustainable suppliers such as – Planks Clothing, Picture Organic Clothing, Jack Wolfskin, Patagonia, Openwear, Paramo, Van Loon Sport base layers.
  • Raise awareness to others and make sure you share your ideas with Fish&Pips staff – what else can we do?
  • Follow Protect Our Winters – sign up to their social media to find out how you can further advocate for climate change.
  • Repair and reuse or donate old kit.