Mediterranean warmth and eastern charm

With its dreamy sapphire blue, pine fringed coastline; an archipelago of over 1200 islands and islets; dramatic walled cities; roman ruins and a rugged mountainous interior, Croatia has long been drawing travellers to its shores. Its Mediterranean climate promises hot summers that last well into autumn; extraordinary delicious regional gastronomy and a burgeoning wine industry satisfy the most discerning of eaters, and it all comes wrapped up with inimitable hospitality. Just a short flight from the UK, Croatia is a destination for everyone. The crystal clear Adriatic attracts families, from sailing to kayaking, from snorkelling to just lazy days on the beach, whilst the exceptionally beautiful national parks showcase the country’s unspoilt inner beauty, and the World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik and Split further north, are bustling centres of historic sites, boutique shops, galleries, summer festivals and most importantly, very good restaurants. From stunning water front villas, to five star cosmopolitan glamour in Dubrovnik, our Croatia portfolio will give you a taste of this inviting country.

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