We can't stress how important it is to make sure you have the correct Winter Sports Travel Insurance cover for your holiday.

Do make sure your policy is specific for winter sports and if you are a keen off-piste skier then you should enquire even more carefully into this as a vast number of insurance companies won't cover this as it's such a grey area.

We recommend Fogg Insurance , they are experts in arranging Travel Insurance for residents of the UK. They specialise in winter sports with all policies covering off-piste.


Formerly the E11, you can obtain this free card easily online before your stay (if a UK citizen). This card entitles the holder to the appropriate medical treatment provided by the relevant state within the country visited and will pay for only a proportion of the costs of emergency medical treatment in National Hospitals in the EU. Be aware that this will not cover all costs and is to compliment Travel and Winter Sports Insurance which will cover the whole risk.


Carre Neige can be bought as an optional part of your ski pass (2.7€/ day for an adult, 2.3€ per day for a child). Do note Carre Neige insurance covers you for transport off the mountain, either on or off-piste. If you show your card to the pisteurs they will take the policy number and their costs will be met by the insurance - you have no further involvement. Once the pisteurs have dropped you at the doctors this cover ends. Carre Neige is not a full insurance policy - it's a top-up cover designed to act in tandem with your state (EHIC) or private health insurance. It will reimburse only those costs not covered by your main insurance. Comprehensive winter sports insurance should cover you without the Carre Neige, but do check your policy before travelling.

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