The Early Bird Catches The Worm

26th October 2018

Be ski holiday savvy! Why taking your ski holiday pre-Christmas is a smart & savvy thing to do! Hurrah snow is on its way in Meribel!! According to weather forecasts we will begin to see the snow fall this weekend! The great news is that it is set to get colder over the next few weeks meaning that the snow should stick around and form an excellent base for the winter. Source www.snow-fore...

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August News, Offers and Exclusive Drone Footage of Méribel Village!

6th August 2018

Why We ❤️ Méribel Village We are proud to call ourselves Méribel Village specialists. The Village is a unique spot nestled just outside of the main town of Méribel and where all of our chalets are situated now.  We are delighted and extremely excited to say that as we move into Winter 18-19 we will be coming back to our roots and operating solely in Méribel Village.  It is w...

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Chalet Team Close-Up: Johnny & Lou, Chalet Du Guide

1st May 2018

Our last Team Close-Up for this season - with chef and host Johnny and Lou!  Johnny Loveday - Chef, Chalet Du Guide Cheffing runs in the family for 23-year old Geordie lad Johnny. His ambition to work in kitchens originally came from his uncle, whom he claims gained a lot of respect in the Loveday family for his ability to cook and dedication to his career.   Johnny enrolled in c...

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Chalet Team Close-Up: Driver John Jenkins

27th March 2018

Introducing John Jenkins, one of our fantastic drivers and an infectiously smiley Scotsman, who swapped life as a subsea engineer in the waters of Aberdeen and Azerbaijan for a mountainous existence in the snowy French Alps. Now on his fourth season, despite spending his first winter as a self-confessed ski bum (a.k.a blissfully unemployed), John soon came to the decision that he actually ‘mu...

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Chalet Team Close-Up: Chef Niall Osborne

19th February 2018

Photos @osborneniall  - Cooking for a living wasn’t something this bearded 26-year-old intentionally set out to do, but it didn’t take long before Niall discovered a real affinity for kitchen life. “I ended up not completing my A-levels for health reasons, so was looking for something else and found myself working in a gastropub near Winchester as a commis chef. It was really good fu...

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Snow joke… conditions are the finest in years

6th February 2018

We’ve concluded that the snow which failed to fall throughout the dismal 2016/2017 ski season, a season which saw some of Meribel’s most popular pistes turn to luscious green pastures as early as March, was only being stored up in the sky, to be released – in a pretty epic fashion – the following year. Since mid-November, the sheer amount of neige that’s fallen in both the Three Valle...

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Chalet Imry

25th January 2018

(Chalet Imry, Sleeps 6-7, Self-Catered, Val d'Isere) There’s a real ‘oooo wow’ moment when first walking into Chalet Imry (and every time after that), one of Fish & Pips’ four self-catered Val d’Isere properties situated on the first floor of state-of-the-art apartment building Canadienne, and in an area of town known as Little Alaska. Beautifully designed in what we can on...

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CHALET TEAM CLOSE-UP: Leandri & Cate, Chalet Killy

24th January 2018

Chalet Killy, Sleeps 8, Val d'Isere  There’s more to season work than poaching a few eggs and poncing around resort in a fluffy gilet (although that happens too). Taking care of a mountain residence to Fish & Pips’ exacting standards is an alpine workout in itself, requiring not only a bucket-load of snow-clearing, stair-climbing, log-shifting stamina but an exceptional eye for detail,...

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Keeping guests in high spirits…

23rd January 2018

Because we understand that the typical Fish & Pips guest tends to be a discerning sort of character – (explaining the impeccable choice in chalet company!) and because there’s nothing quite as deserved as a cheeky cocktail following a tough day on the hill, we’ve selected a range of premium spirits for your enjoyment, to be transformed on request, by our chalet teams into a plethora of d...

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