How it all started… Fish&Pips, otherwise known as Philippa Hartley (the ‘Pips’!) and Holly Fisher (the ‘Fish’!) go back a long way. Having grown up, family holidayed, travelled and worked together; we are the oldest and the greatest of friends.

After we’d finished university at Edinburgh and Brighton (respectively) it became clear that our endless visits to career advisers had told us nothing in comparison to our next few seasons in the Alps that would tell us everything. It’s what we love, and it’s what we do best.

Through many years of working in the Alps (Scott Dunn, YSE and a private chalet) and more importantly, holidaying with various chalet companies, at Fish&Pips we know what works, what doesn’t, what’s important and what isn’t.


At Fish&Pips we wanted to create a skiing experience with all the good bits, the bits that really matter, and without the bits that don’t. Fantastic food, great locations and a friendly, efficient and competent service are all here for you when you holiday with Fish&Pips. And, what’s more, you won’t have to pay through the nose for it.

Now starting our 11th season Fish&Pips has evolved into the gastro-company it is now. With the help of some fantastic chefs over the last few years the gastro side of our holidays has strengthened hugely and as a team we continuously strive to test, taste and invent delicious new recipes. In 2009 we published our first Fish&Pips cookbook – A Portion of Fish&Pips which has been a great success. Shortly afterwards we were awarded The Times Chalet Chef 2010 Award.

Keeping our operation small is the key to Fish&Pips – Philippa is based in Surrey, with the incredibly important job of looking after all of F&P’s finances. Holly lives in Les Allues in the Meribel Valley and oversees the operation balancing her time between Val d’Isère and Meribel. Holly endeavours to meet all our Fish&Pips guests every week, many of whom have become friends. We intend to keep the operation in both resorts small in order to maintain the personal feel and close-knit team that has worked so well for us.


Fish & Pips