Snow Clearer to the rescue!

22nd January 2012

For all those who thought they knew me…I bet you didn’t realise that I have an obsession with the snow clearers. The machines are amazing and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This season in Val d’Isere they have been in constant use and I can often be found just standing at the side of the road watching them shovel mountains of snow.

So when I came out of my apartment yesterday morning following a heavy snowfall during the night I found myself ‘snowed in’

p1020367 But luckily for me there was a snow clearer on the case. And within minutes  he had cleared a path for me..right up to my door!p1020370p1020372

And suddenly I could get on my way to work. My next aim is to get one with Fish&Pips on the side so that I can clear all the snow filled terraces that we have at the moment.