Where are they now?

5th July 2011

Now summer is well under way the F&P team 2011 have scattered far and wide… With many of them in Alderney I thought I would update you with what some of the others are up to.  Lucy and Pete will be joining us again next season for a second F&P season in Meribel Village and they have sent us a quick update of their summer adventures!

Lucy’s Blog

Well I must say that leaving the Meribel bubble and coming home was quite a culture shock! Not seeing mountains every time I looked up took a while to get used to, not to mention the lack of skiing in Buckinghamshire. After managing to defer my post-grad course for another year (delaying real life as long as possible), it turns out that I will be returning to work for Fish and Pips again this winter and I am absolutely delighted. I am currently working at the Hand and Flowers in Marlow, a delicious Michelin starred pub restaurant, to save some extra cash before I embark on a once in a lifetime, month long road-trip across the USA in July! After that, who knows, but what I do know is that I’ll be counting down the days until the winter again.

Pete’s Blog

I returned back to work with Adam Simmonds at Danesfield House Hotel after coming home from Meribel which was quite strange after so long in the Alps. I can’t say it’s been as fun as Chalet Du Guide, but I was grateful to be given my job back! Although I know he doesn’t want me to ever leave, at the beginning of July I will be bidding farewell to England and flying to sunny Marbella to work as a private villa chef for a family who holiday out there for eight weeks of the year. I can’t wait to get there, although I don’t expect I will be returning with as tan due to the amount of time I’ll probably be in the kitchen! Should be a great experience though. Then, it’s back to Meribel and back to Chalet Du Guide for another season with Fish and Pips! I said I’d only do one season…..

We’re thrilled these two are coming back to work for us… Watch this space for more familiar faces next season! Here are some photos of the Meribel team to remind you who’s who.