Test drive in the Alps

25th February 2011


Back in the early 70’s, my first car was a Mini. Bottle green (now called Racing Green), hand painted and decorated with white daisys. It was my pride and joy.

So when Greig invited me, (I was the only one old enough to qualify) to go on a test drive in the latest Mini Countryman I jumped at the idea. Off we headed to the Oxygen Centre where lined up there were a fleet of brand new Minis. After  a quick chat about driving experience and insurance, the £2,500 excess did seem a little ‘excessive’, we were shown to our vehicle and Greig took poll position.


My first impression sitting in the back seat was just how much room there was. In my old car, anyone over 4′ 6″ would have their knees up to their chests, but here was I positively stretching out. Greig, 6′ tall, in the front seat, with a gap of at least 4″ between the top of his head and the roof. Off we set to Tignes, with the instructor telling us all about the various accessories, both technical and cosmetic.


And then it was my turn. It was like getting into your favourite armchair. Amazing to drive, so solid, really nifty and clung to the road on those hairpins bends….which I may have taken slightly too fast! Such fun to drive and I came away with one thought only, ‘I want one’!

Judy X