Meribel visits Val d’Isere

3rd February 2011

All season Clare and I have been talking about visiting each other’s resort and I was lucky enough to have an afternoon on the slopes in Meribel a couple of weeks ago. On Tuesday night it was my turn to play host as Clare and Emily drove like maniacs to get to Val before closing time in Blue Note. Thanks goodness they made it or we may have ended up in Dick’s T Bar!


The following day, having had a huge cooked breakfast, we hit the slopes and at Emily’s request, we did ‘The Loop’. Val to Val Claret to the Eye of the Needle and back down to Tignes le Lac for a well deserved drink.



And having had a great ski, where else could we end up but at the Folie Douce. Guaranteed entertainment, great music, cold beer and of course dancing on the tables. I defy anyone not to come away with a smile on their face.


Thank you Meribel for coming over and visiting us….we look forward to a guided tour of the 3 Valleys and your ‘apres’ later in the season.

Judy X