Rookie Mistake!

9th January 2011

My mission, set by none other that Miss Holly Fisher herself, was to go out there and take some scenic photos.

100_8287             So far, so good.

100_8282   Good shot, Tignes le Lac from afar.

Now, lets get a little artistic. My skis.

100_8285   and that’s where it all went wrong!

Too busy taking photos from a chair lift and took my eyes and my hands off my poles for just one second too long.

Next thing I know, one pole falling, falling, falling down onto the snow below. The next question: to retrieve or not to retrieve? Well, we took a vote and the next thing I know is five of us are heading into the unknown in search of my ski pole. Amazingly we spotted it and managed to scoop it up before heading back down to the bottom of the lift.

So thank you to my ski buddies that day and I promise in future to keep both hands on my poles! Sorry Hols, photos will have to wait.

Judy X