Val d’Isere set-up and training done! Well, nearly…

3rd December 2010

Apologies for being off the radar lately, but we’ve all been in a Fish&Pips bubble of training, setting up, problem solving and beetling around from resort to resort like loonies.

So our first year in Val d’Isere seems to be going well….so far!  The team (Lucy, Mary, Rhys, Sam and Greig) arrived safe and sound, and have been in Judy’s safe hands ever since.  They’ve settled into their staff accomodation, deep-cleaned 3 chalets, tried out many a Val d’Isere watering hole, familiarised themselves with their new territory, got their ski equipment and ski passes, and are ready to go.  Just one teeny weeny press trip to get through first!

The team have been incredible – they have worked hard, played hard and laughed even harder.  Fish&Pips Val d’Isere is looking good and we’re really excited about opening now.  It hasn’t been without its glitches though, but does anything ever go according to plan out here in the Alps?  Bunk beds seem to have been the bulk of the problem so far, closely followed by missing keys, breaking down vehicles, acquiring licenses, a day of doom in Ikea, disconnected phonelines, lack of internet, lost post, angry delivery men, broken chains, hours of France Telecom debacles, French customer service (lack of), sick staff, and melting laptop chargers – to name a few!  But we’ve come out the other side and life would be dull if we weren’t faced with the odd challenge.  Here’s to more of them this winter!