Borsat – the coldest lift in Val d’Isere

18th December 2010

Funny how the same weather in two different countries can have such different reactions. All the reports from UK are of chaos on the roads, people stranded and general un-happiness all round.

Here in Val d’Isere however the latest heavy snowfall has bought with it shrieks of delight, a mad rush to the lifts and pushed all thoughts of Christmas to the back of everyones minds.

Today, three of us braved the cold weather and took to the Borsat lift…what a view!


 But oh my goodness, never have I been so cold. This lift is not to be missed but it is exposed and long and soooooo slow, make sure you are wrapped up well. I’m owning up to a new purchase this season….boot heaters! Now I can just plug in my batteries and my feet are warm as toast. Why didn’t I buy these years ago?