Jenny’s Blog…

18th October 2010

We’re so sad not to have Jen Jen back this winter, but we can’t complain as we’ve been lucky enough to have her onboard our little team for the past 3 seasons.  We’re also so excited to see her go off on new adventures this winter. 


Jenny Weller started work for us when she was only 19yrs and in the second year of F&P.  We sourced her through my old cookery school, Tante Marie, and never looked back.  We have seen Jenny’s culinery skills from strength to strength and her passion for skiing spiral out of control!  She was an absolute joy to have on the team and was our rock – you could always count on Jen to work her socks off and never complain; she would be the first and last person on the mountain; she would always have a smile on her face and taught those boys a thing or two about making a cake!

We and Chalet Braye will miss you hugely Jenny, but we wish you the very best for the future and safe travels.  You’re always welcome back to Meribel and you must let us know when Jenny’s Deli is opening and we’ll be there with bells on!   

Here’s Jenny’s Blog…


Ever since I came home on crutches on New Year’s Day 2009 I’d been ticking off the days until I could return to Meribel to do another season with Fish and Pips.


Towards the end of November Abi arrived on a Sunday evening and we packed up her car-Philippa brought round some more stuff and we managed to fit it all in -you’d be amazed at how much a Suzuki Swift can hold! Not much sleep then we were off to Dover to meet up with Holly and Philippa and catch the ferry for a pretty rough crossing- note for the future-take the tunnel! After a long but thankfully uneventful drive across France we began the climb from Moûtiers, everything looked so familiar it just felt like coming home!


Soon the rest of the team arrived and training week kicked off, there was cleaning to be done, a lot of delicious meals to be cooked and eaten, brilliant for getting feedback on my own cooking and pinching a few ideas from the other chefs! We also did driver training and team building with honourary Fish and Pips member Matthew and finally our first ski day which we had all been waiting for. Training continued and menu plans were written, tweaked by our consultant chef Nick and it was off to the supermarket. Being the only female chef this year meant I endured weekly trolley wars; sometimes finding a can of dog food or some very expensive dried mushrooms hidden in my shopping as I unloaded it at the checkout-don’t worry Philippa none of it made it through! Kev and Vinny were a dab hand at this but Matt needed a little practice as I kept catching him in the act!


Bugs and I soon settled into a routine in chalet Braye and we made a great team. The season flew by as we welcomed new guests and old friends into the chalet. The two weeks spent with the Aussies from Perth were fantastic and the fortnight at Easter when the Balch family came to stay was brilliant as usual. Two weeks of laughs and jokes with them culminated in the infamous Balch lunch which starts with delicious food on the deck of the Roc Tania and finishes with toffee vodka and dancing on the tables at the Ronnie.


Other highlights of the season included any dress-up night at LDV as we produced amazing costumes with little more than string, cardboard and whatever clothes we could swap between us, pity most of these nights it was only us and the LDV staff who had bothered to dress up and we received very funny looks if we ventured into town afterwards.

The Boss Des Bosses moguls competition was another favourite day and in true F&P style we took a huge picnic spread up on the chairlift, which made everyone around us jealous. The day was rounded off with Après Chamonix-style before boarding the coach back to Meribel.


All too soon the end of the season rolled around and it was time for ‘Fishstock’ which is THE end of season party. After we cleaned and shut down the chalets and said goodbye to all our friends it was time to drive home. This was especially sad as I won’t be coming back this year. I’m setting off on a new adventure in January first to be bridesmaid for Fish and Pips friends Matt and Nicole in Perth then travelling round Australia with nothing more than a backpack (those at F&P know how I have difficulties with packing light and always have way more luggage than anyone else so this could prove to be a challenge!) and I’m flying back from Sydney so it’s a perfect excuse to visit Nick on my way home.


Thank you so much Holly and Philippa for giving me the opportunity to be part of Fish and Pips for the past three years, it was a real privilege and I’ve made some great friends. I wish you, Kev and Vinny and the new Fish and Pips team the best of luck and lots of powder for the coming season! I’ll miss you all!