Farewell Nicko….

9th June 2010

It was a sad week for F&P last week, we had to say farewell to our beloved Nicholas Payne who’s off back home to Newcastle, Oz with the lovely Serena.  He’s been an invaluable part of the F&P team for 3 yrs and will be sorely missed by all team members, guests, friends, Meribel, England and Ireland!

We met Nick 3 yrs ago at an interview in London.  He arrived with a very neat and tidy folder of CVs, menu plans and references, he was dressed in smart trousers and a shirt, fresh faced and with nice neat hair.  Wow we thought, what an organised and well-presented chap.  Not quite the shaggy haired, bleary eyed, Mutzig loving, jeans falling off the bottom, dog-eared receipt Nick that materialised in Meribel that we’ve all come to know and love!  We wouldn’t have him any other way now – his charm and hard-working spirit meant he more than pulled it off and went down a storm with every guest.

Not only did he impress us with his personality and enthuasism, but he more than knocked our socks off with his cooking, we can even remember what he cooked us that test meal – beetroot salad (how we can we possibly forget those big bright purple teeth of his, we didn’t have the heart to tell him!) and delicious salmon for main course.  He had the job there and then.  I think it was one of the best decisions F&P has ever made.

Without sounding too cheesey, it’s hard not to….Nick has given so much to Fish&Pips – lots of laughter and sillyness, enthusiasm for the mountain, an incredible ability to bring the team together, shown us the art of working well with a hangover and firework displays, pushed our F&P cuisine up to the next level, and he’s inspired us all with his professional hard-work and never whinging attitude which will hopefully remain with us at F&P for a long time.  The list could go on and on.  Paddles you should be very proud!

He’s not only been one of the best employees a company could ask for, but he’s become a really dear friend.  We’ll all miss him hugely, especially Abs (another shining star at F&P who will get her own dedicated blog soon!) who has worked with him so well and closely the past 3 yrs, and his partners in crime Kev and Vin (who we’re thrilled to have back for the 3rd year this winter).  On the positive side – as Philippa says it’s now a great excuse to come to Australia!

Have a really safe and bonza trip home  Nick and enjoy some time off before you get back in that kitchen again!  Best of luck with the future, we’re certain you’ll be huge success in whatever you turn your hand too.

Thank you so much for everything.  Lots of love Holly, Philippa and the rest of the F&P team xxx

Here’s some snippets of Nick from the past 3yrs in Meribel…….. (sorry Nicko!) x

A few words on Nick from the lovely Caroline – owner of Chalet Le Christophe…

”Nick.  What can we say….. Amazing chef.  Awesome fun.  Always smiling.  No task too small.  No request too tiresome.  And above all…phenominal pyrotechnician!! We’ll miss you!  Good luck!! xxx”