Aren’t we lucky…..

5th February 2010

to have such lovely guests, and not only that but to have them return to our chalets year after year.  The week of the 2nd of January saw the arrival of the Bunces, the Pooleys and the Routledges all of whom have stayed with us up to 5 times before.  To us they have become really good friends so much so that we often meet up in London for lunch and perhaps the odd glass of wine – of course sharing the same love for food!  They are now such an important part of F&P and a winter wouldn’t be quite the same without them and some of their silly antics…..

The Pooleys have stayed with us ever since we worked for Will the year before we started Fish&Pips, so 5 winters ago now!  They have become dear friends and we’re thrilled they’re coming back for the second time this winter – it means we can make our annual trip to the Fermes de Reberty in Les Menuires and also partake in a spot of apres in The Lodge du Village with them all and our fantastic Bring Your Sisters.  A huge thank you Jane for my wonderful handcream and cuticle oil – my hands have never looked quite this human during a winter before!

Jane and me :)Rachel!

Here is Rachel Tilley (part of the mad Pooley group) enjoying a meal at The Refuge, a favourite eatery in Meribel centre known for it’s relaxed and bustling atmosphere, good value and of course the Fillet Steak au Poivre a Point!  The girls were often found bouncing around in the Lodge during apres and after numerous gins and toffee vodkas.

Then there’s the Bunces who have stayed with us this same week for the last 4 years in Meribel Village.  We’ve had so many hilarious moments with them – from finding a mop in Steve’s bed to Linda’s love for Comte and cheap fizz to the most memorable of all, sledging in Courchevel!  We introduced this to team Bunce the first time they stayed with us and since then it’s almost become more of a feature of their holiday than the actual skiing itself.  We can honestly say that there’s not much out there for 3.5 Euros that’s more fun than this – hooning down that ‘midly’ dangerous track on plastic sledges in the dark at full speed – it’s laughter all the way down.  The French have little regard for health and safety which adds to the fun.  Well, until Linda and Paul got a little to cocky and decided to not only share a sledge but sit on it back to back, we thought it might end in tears and it did, but that didn’t stop our Linda getting back on her sledge this year!  We’re still yet to beat the champions speedy Steve and Nick with his ‘borrowed’ beast of a sledge, might have to throw in the sledging towel and join P and Gill for a vin chaud in the Jump Bar instead!

Le Christophe teamdscn0044Abs and BeckyAnd they're off!Courchevel sledgingPeve

And last but not least we have the Routledge’s.  They have stayed with us twice and were so delighted with Vinny’s cooking (even when were forced to sample alien foods!) and that they’re hopefully returning to us next year.  A happy and cheeky Jordie bunch who love skiing sporting crazy attire such as Ernie and Bernie below!