British sense of humour??

29th December 2010

So, Fish and Pips have now been in Val d'Isere for nearly a month and have caused a huge amount of interest...particularly in their names. I have spent many an hour explaining how the name originated and everyone loves it, especially the French. We have been called many variations on a theme, the usual being Fish and Chips. Last week though, an English chalet owner came up with his own version an...

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Market day in Val d’Isere

20th December 2010

Monday is market day in Val d'Isere. What a mixture of stalls from delicious local cheeses of the Savoir and charcuterie to hand knitted hats from Peru, sheepskin slippers to die for and even a confectionary selection to rival Willy Wonka!                                                                                ...

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Borsat – the coldest lift in Val d’Isere

18th December 2010

Funny how the same weather in two different countries can have such different reactions. All the reports from UK are of chaos on the roads, people stranded and general un-happiness all round. Here in Val d'Isere however the latest heavy snowfall has bought with it shrieks of delight, a mad rush to the lifts and pushed all thoughts of Christmas to the back of everyones minds. Today, three of us b...

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Stick this in your pipe and smoke it Devon…

17th December 2010

We woke up to a very snowy Les Allues this morning, around a foot has fallen and continues to fall - just a little more than the dusting in Devon! [gallery columns="2"] I can only begin to imagine what it's like up top.  In fact I don't have to imagine, I know it's incredible - I called Kevin about an hour ago and all I could hear down the phone was him and the gang whooping and yelling w...

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Brrrrr – The UK Oil shortage hits Devon

17th December 2010

With the radio on all day it isn't often a news stories refers to us at F&P - but the UK oil shortage has hit us down in Devon on the day it snows!!!  With very low oil, and Christmas Eve being the earliest we can expect it, central heating isn't an option - so I sit here typing away with the stove burning through logs at a rate of knots, 2 hot water bottles, 6 layers and a labrador sleeping...

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Hosts get busy for Christmas…

16th December 2010

So, while the chefs were 'brainstorming' with Adam in Val d'Isere, the hosts were busy making Christmas decorations in Meribel. That included the traditional Mulled Wine. Which of course had to be tasted, again and again...just to get it right! All in a days work for a F&P host! Judy

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F&P chefs do workshop with award winning chef Adam Byatt of Trinity

8th December 2010

This week we have been thrilled to have had award winning chef Adam Byatt of Trinity, Clapham who is a regular on BBC's Saturday Kitchen staying with us in Val d'Isere. Adam and family stayed for a few days of skiing interspersed with 'shop talk'.  With a demonstration of  a delicious dinner in Chalet Killy (helped by new F&P chef Greig who worked at Trinity for Adam for 4 years and has co...

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Pistes in amazing conditions..

7th December 2010

This was the Lapin piste down to Meribel Village and our Meribel chalets on the first day of the season on Saturday- not bad! The best start to the season here for 15 years with more snow due - sadly the F&P day was spent cooking and cleaning but first ski day tomorrow for the Meribel team so watch this space!

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Val d’Isere set-up and training done! Well, nearly…

3rd December 2010

Apologies for being off the radar lately, but we've all been in a Fish&Pips bubble of training, setting up, problem solving and beetling around from resort to resort like loonies. So our first year in Val d'Isere seems to be going far!  The team (Lucy, Mary, Rhys, Sam and Greig) arrived safe and sound, and have been in Judy's safe hands ever since.  They've settled into their sta...

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Will I… Won’t I????

2nd December 2010

How typical that it isn't the snow in the Alps that might cause a hiccup at the beginning of this winter season - it is the UK!  Even in the tropics of South Devon - the new HQ for Fish&Pips -  we woke to fields covered in snow and a very icy lane.  Brilliant if you are an over-enthusiastic young labrador - not so good for flying out to the Alps tomorrow.  Come on Bristol airport - please...

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