Sarah’s Blog

18th May 2009

Sarah Greenwood worked as Chalet Host in Chalet Braye for the winter 08-09.  Here she tells of her experience as someone who had already spent one season in Meribel, working for a different company.  Sarah is currently enjoying some time off after a busy winter and is off to work at the Winking Prawn in Salcombe, Devon to gain more experience in the hospitality industry, with some fun involved too!

“Where do I start! My expectations of Fish and Pips were extremely high and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. As a host, to be chosen out of many I was very lucky. And to have the expectations met were even better. The team was fantastically diverse and the girls did such a good job of pairing us.

With the early loss of Jenny at Braye I was cautious of who was going to replace her. And rightly so; Vinnie and I didn’t see eye to eye for at least a month. But Holly was a reliable ear to my concerns and it was a matter of hours before Vinnie and I were having the time of our lives! We are now solid friends and I could not have hoped for a better replacement. Vinnie taught me so much about food and how to have fun.

The girls say that we make the holiday what it is, but at Chalet Braye we were lucky enough to have the most fantastic guests. We sang, we danced, we sledged, we drank and enjoyed après ski at the local with as many guests possible! The Greens, The Roussets, The Irish group from Brussels and especially the Balch family, who I was so sad to see leave I actually shed a tear or two! Something I really wasn’t expecting.

My season was made incredible by the other staff around me, the amazing atmosphere and community of Meribel Village and most importantly Holly and Philippa’s efforts to create the perfect balance between work and play. Our trip to Chamonix was a pinnacle moment in the season and being there together was something I will never forget. Also having the opportunity to ski together so often meant that we could help each other to improve (something I was grateful to receive!) and the time outside of the chalet meant we could really get to know each other.

The friends I have come away with are now friends for life, something which is completely incomparable to my previous season. I achieved far more in 5 months than I would have at home and the experience is second to none. To anyone thinking about doing a season, I hope you do as Meribel 08/09 has been the best 5 months of my life.”