Matt and Nicole’s blog…

20th October 2008

Mathew Novak and Nicole Fisher came over to Europe from Australia to get more experience of the European way, and of course one of those ‘ways’ is to spend time in a mountain resort on a piece of wood travelling down a slope. Before and after the five months spent ripping up the mountains on a snowboard, they spent time just travelling in their car and camping around every where they could go. Back in Australia now, they are faced with the everyday reality of a job which doesn’t revolve around snow, and settling down, not only in a house for the first time in over a year, but having to stay in the same country!

What can we say? We had some of the best moments of our lives in the 2007/2008 ski season in the middle valley, Meribel, of Les Trios Valleys. Of course we loved the chalets and our work there, but we lived for the moment when we could get up on that golf chairlift from Meribel Village and up into the mountains. Even if we didn’t go snowboarding every day (like when the night before proved too much for Matt (!) or when I hurt my knee) it was enough to BE there, to know that you COULD.

When we first arrived in the mountains, it was before the rest of the team and we thought that Holly and Phillippa had been pulling our legs as there was no snow! However, by the time the rest of the team arrived and we started our training, we had over 2 feet and everyone was getting excited.

At the moment, we have flown back to Perth, Australia and unlike all our friends from the mountains, are not facing a white Christmas, but we will remember always the times we had in the French Alps.  The experience of a lifetime, fitted into five months.   Happy skiing, Matt and Nicole xxx